Sometimes the answer is YES

“The first day after the incident passed slowly, but Philip’s progress was steady. The second day passed, and he continued to improve. By Wednesday, he was stable enough for surgery on his thumb. After the surgery, he continued to do well, and the process of weaning him off the ventilator was initiated. On Thursday, he was taken off the ventilator and brought out of sedation, and by Friday, he began physical therapy. On Saturday, he was transferred to the pediatric floor and had the […]

If It Be Thy Will

“Throughout life, we face many challenges, trials, and tragedies. At such times, we may call upon the Lord and ask for his help and blessings, hoping that things may work out the way we would like. In some cases, this may be consistent with his will. At other times, as my family has learned, his will calls for an outcome different from what we would choose. Accepting God’s will is not easy, especially when it involves the mortal separation from loved ones. When the […]

Let it go

“I believe that the most difficult phases to move beyond are anger and guilt. Often, the cause of death was beyond the control of the person who died.

Jeffrey fell into a ditch and drowned. He was a small child and did not realize the dangers of the ditch. We could be angry at the water or the farmer who was using the ditch to water his crops, or we could be angry at one another. We could be angry at God.

Emilee was killed in […]

After the Shell Shock

“A few weeks after Jeremy’s death, I reached my breaking point. I felt as though I could not endure any more, emotionally or physically. I was trapped in a whirlpool of despair, and the harder I tried to fight it, the faster it pulled me down. My grief was intense and overwhelming, and I was at the lowest point I had ever been. I did not contemplate harming myself, but I was fine with the idea of a big truck running me over and […]

Excerpt from Jeremy’s Chapter

“Before Jeremy was taken to be prepared for surgery, we met as a family in his room to pray and give Jeremy another priesthood blessing. We committed him into the Lord’s hands, asking for his will to be done. We asked one more time, “if it be thy will,” to be given a miracle, knowing that nothing less than divine intervention would save Jeremy. As the tears streamed down our faces, we ended the prayer by putting our faith in the Lord and in […]

Excerpt from Emilee’s chapter

“Cold, wet, and tired, we found a place to park the home and were packing up our tools when my friend, Jason Freckleton, who also was working for my dad, drove up. I was glad to see him and thought that he had come to help us clean up. Once I saw his face, I quickly knew that something was not right. I’m sure that his drive to tell me the news must have been difficult and that the weight of the news bore […]

Excerpt from Jeffrey’s chapter

“The moment when the casket is closed is perhaps one of the most difficult times for any of us to face—that time for our final farewell and our last gaze upon the body of the one we love so dearly. At this time, the statement “if it be thy will” comes to mind. Is this really his will? How could it be? Is he not supposed to be a kind, loving, and compassionate God? Where is the kindness and compassion in the death of […]