I feel I must share a miraculous experience that took place for me and my family on Saturday March 28th 2015 on our way home from St. George Utah where we had just spent the week of spring break.   I know that the hand of God literally protected us and quite possibly saved our lives and those of many others on the road as well.  Before I describe what happened, there are some details I must explain which prior to the event seemed irrelevant and unrelated, but now looking back I can see the hand of the Lord’s protection in many ways.

The first took place the day before we left to drive to St. George the previous week.  On that day, the brakes on our Suburban that we planned to drive on our trip started to make an odd sound.  Long story short, we were informed the front brakes needed to be replaced.  The brakes had obviously been going bad for a while but I did not know until they needed replaced until they started making the odd sound the day before we left.  Had they not made the noise we would not have replaced the brakes before leaving.

The next significant detail that aided in our safety and protection was the positioning on the trailer of the ATVs we had taken down to ride during spring break.  All the way down and anytime we loaded the 4 Wheelers they all faced the same direction on the trailer.   The last time we rode I only unloaded one of them and when I loaded it to go home, due to the position the trailer was parked, I had to load it the facing the opposite direction than the other machines.  This resulted in me having to secure it differently than I had before and left me with an extra tie down strap.  I used the extra strap over the back of the 4 wheeler, tying it down in three places rather than two.

We left St. George around noon, drove for a couple of hours and then stopped in Fillmore Utah for lunch.  It was at this time a third preparatory protection occurred.  After eating I was checking the tie down straps and on the machine that was on the front end of the trailer, I felt I needed to change the positioning of the tie down strap the on the front side of the machine and tighten it up which I did not really thinking much about it.   I also used the slack of the tie down strap to make two more anchors from the machine to the trailer giving it four instead of two.  The machine was then tied down in the back with two straps and in the front with one strap but with four anchor points.

After driving for couple of hours more we were coming up on Spanish Fork Utah.  The traffic was starting to get thicker, but was not too bad.  I was driving between 65 and 70 MPH and had a safe and reasonable distance of about 25 to 30 yards between me and the car in front of me.  Most of the time I could see a long way out in front of me and I could adjust my speed depending upon the flow of traffic.  However, we then came upon a bend in the road that prevented me from seeing the traffic in front of me.  Right as we made the turn on the bend the car in front of me tapped there breaks once and then slammed on their brakes as were all of the other cars  coming around the bend.    To my surprise and horror, all four lanes of traffic were nearly completely stopped and I had milliseconds to react.   I immediately slammed on my breaks but going from 65-70 mph to a stop in 25 to 30 yards while pulling a trailer loaded with three ATV’s is not possible.

I knew there was no way I was going to get stopped before hitting the vehicle in front of me.  On the left was a concrete barrier and on the right was another lane of traffic.  I knew that was going hit someone the question was how hard and where.  My only thought was to go the right of the car in front of me and go between the two lanes of traffic.    That would be the only way to minimize the impact and perhaps have a few more seconds to slow down before hitting other cars.    The tires were squealing as I went between the two lanes of traffic just missing the car directly in front of us.  With my foot pushing the brake pedal to the floor, somehow I was able to keep control of the Suburban and the trailer.  The thought in my mind was there is no way I am getting out of this without hitting several cars or worse.  There was nowhere to go wide enough to not hit anyone.  But then as I came upon each of the cars  it was as though we were in a protective bubble and each of the other cars moved just enough that we were able to pass without hitting any of them!  My wife, Sharon, commented that it was like the parting of the Red Sea.  In my mind it was no less miraculous than the parting of the Red Sea.

I cannot explain how we did not hit anyone.  We should have by all rights but we did not.  If we did not have new brakes I might not have been able to stop as soon as I did or perhaps not at all, or maintain control of the vehicle.  If I had not loaded the machine on the front of the trailer facing the opposite direction of the others I would not have had a third tie down strap over the back of that machine and it most likely would have been thrown from the trailer because the first tie down strap on the back of the machine had snapped from the torque placed upon it.    If I had not tightened and repositioned the strap on the front of the machine it probably would have snapped as well which would have also caused the machine to be thrown from the trailer.  As I mentioned earlier, each of these details seemed unrelated an irrelevant until each one played a critical role in our safety and the safety of those around us.  The culminating event of this miracle was the path that opened before us between two lanes of traffic when there shouldn’t be one.  I finally was able to get our Suburban slowed down and merged back into a regular lane of traffic without even touching another car.

The whole thing happened so fast but I knew that we had just experienced a miracle.  As I have thought over the event and the circumstance leading up to it I am so thankful for the hand of God protecting me and my family and those on the road with us.  I give 100% of the credit and glory to Him.  It horrifies me to think potential catastrophe that might have happened if we had hit other cars or if the 4 wheeler had been thrown from the trailer and the chain reaction of collisions that would have caused.  I cannot imagine how many lives could have been impacted or even worse lost.

I have hoped for and prayed for many miracles in my life.  Most of the time, the answer has been, no not this time.    I have endured and suffered much loss and heartache and many times wished for different outcomes that what has transpired.  I do not know why we were blessed with this miracle at this time, but I know my ways are not Gods ways and that we are in his hands.  I know that he lives.  I know that he is real.  I know that he is involved in the details of our lives and he knows each one of us individually and personally.  I know that His divine hand of providence protected me and my family and we experienced a miracle on March 28th 2015 near Spanish Fork Utah