My greatest desire in sharing the experiences of my family in the book “If It Be Thy Will”, has  always been that I might be able to help others in their times of trial and tragedy while testifying of the Greatness of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful when I hear from those who have read the book and learn that “If It Be Thy Will” has blessed their lives and brought them closer to God.    Their stories and comments validate that the strong impressions that I had to write the book came from God and the message of the book is not mine but His.

Here are just a few of the comments I have received:

“I was totally moved by your book. I read it all one afternoon and cried. You are such a good writer. I felt as if I was there with you. I plan on using parts of it in my Sunday school class. We are studying Sheila’s Walsh’s book “The Shelter of God’s Promises” I thought about the timing of the reading of your book and the chapter we are in called The Promise of Strength. So much of your book keeps reminding me how I can depend on God at all times, even the worse. Your book is such a testimony, a help, a guide and an outpouring of your dependence on and love for God.”

– Suzanne Bradford –

“Shaun does such a good job of explaining the process of loss and grief. This book gives hope, love and empathy from one who has had to deal with losing so many people that he loves.”

I lost a son almost a year ago and this book helps me to know the feelings I am having are normal. There are definitely very hard times, but there are those times of peace.
Thanks Shaun for a wonderful book!!”

– Carolyn Luckau –

“A great book to read or share with friends who may be dealing with the loss of loved one. A great spiritual take on how to approach death and grieving.”

– J. Nilsson –

“I just finished your book! Thank you so much for sharing. You expressed everything so well and it was a healing and inspiring experience for me to read your words. I am anxious to share this with others. Thank you!”

– Kamber Turner –

“Finished the book tonight!  It was an incredible book and very well written! After losing my brother, Brian – I had many of the same feelings that you had written about. I am glad to know I am not alone and that feelings and experiences I have had are “normal”. The stages of grief are crazy- I still, a year later find myself in denial, shock, or even angry! But I know without the gospel and the Love of my Heavenly Father I would not be able to go through it! Thank you so much for writing that book and sharing your experiences!”

– Emily Empey –

“I have placed links to your book site in two places:

Internet Resources under Death of a Brother or Sister:

I chose it as the featured book on the Recommended Page:

You have a lot of courage. There is not much written about sibling death and the traumatic death of friends. I know your words will help and heal many hurting grievers.  This tired old world needs what you have to offer.

Thank you for telling me about this wonderful resource. I wish you peace and healing.”

– Christine Jette founder of “The Grieving Heart” website –