Since publishing and launching “If It Be Thy Will” I have had many wonderful experiences and conversations with a wide variety of people from many diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds.  Each of these experiences has blessed my life and made me a better person.

My heart has been touched as I have learned of the trials others have endured and how God has blessed them in their lives especially in times of heartache and difficulty.    It has been thrilling to see God’s hands at work as the message of “If It Be Thy Will” is helping and blessing the lives of others.

Now that the book is out and more and more people are hearing about it, I want to change some of the focus of the website and the Facebook page away from promoting the book to promoting stories of how others have seen “God’s will” fulfilled in their lives.

God’s love and miracles are all around.   My request is for others to please share how you have seen and experienced God’s love in your life.  Let us know how He has sustained you in your individual challenges and trials.   Stories of current challenges and trials are also welcome.   My hope is that as we each share our individual stories we can lift and strengthen each other and grow in love and faith.

Your stories can be either posted on If It Be Thy Will’s Facebook page or anonymously shared on the website by clicking on “Contact the Author” link located at the bottom of the “Home” page.

Thank you to those who will share

Shaun K. Bills