If It Be Thy Will

“Throughout life, we face many challenges, trials, and tragedies. At such times, we may call upon the Lord and ask for his help and blessings, hoping that things may work out the way we would like. In some cases, this may be consistent with his will. At other times, as my family has learned, his will calls for an outcome different from what we would choose. Accepting God’s will is not easy, especially when it involves the mortal separation from loved ones. When the […]

After the Shell Shock

“A few weeks after Jeremy’s death, I reached my breaking point. I felt as though I could not endure any more, emotionally or physically. I was trapped in a whirlpool of despair, and the harder I tried to fight it, the faster it pulled me down. My grief was intense and overwhelming, and I was at the lowest point I had ever been. I did not contemplate harming myself, but I was fine with the idea of a big truck running me over and […]